Lost Hoard 1895 ZAR Kruger Halfpond and 1/10 oz Krugerrand Set

A Large hoard of Kruger coins were recently discovered in Europe, the discovery was named “The Lost Hoard”. The Parcel of Kruger gold coins was stored in the Netherlands for many years during the early part of the 20th Century. Prior to the Second World War, the parcel was transferred to Switzerland for safekeeping.
This is one of only 233 sets available.
The set includes a 1895 halfpond certified and slabbed by NGC with a special “Lost hoard” label with black inner, a 1/10 oz Krugerrand with a “Lost hoard” privy mark, house in a special SA mint box, with booklet written by Prof Francois Malan, and a replica of the money bag that the “lost hoard” was found in.

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